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Global Diversification

Diversification is the closest thing to a free lunch we have when investing.  Global diversification across asset classes and regions, has the potential to both reduce risk and expand opportunity.  Asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash, can be combined and tailored to your unique situation.  Diversification within an asset class can virtually eliminate security specific risk.  For example, owners of Enron and Lehman Brothers stock would have avoided catastrophic loss if they had instead owned a broadly diversified mutual fund.

Read more about global diversification (pdf).

Tax Efficiency and Low Costs

The costs associated with investing are like a headwind to a runner High fees and taxes impede progress, or growth, of your money.  The average mutual fund expense ratio is north of 1%.  If the stock market is up 8%, an average investor might earn less than 7%.  Thus, it’s very easy to see how cost directly impacts your bottom line.  Taxes also take a portion of your return.  Good wealth management looks strategically at limiting the impact of investment costs and taxes.

Read more about fees and how they impact your investments (pdf).

Discipline and Portfolio Rebalancing

Discipline is essential in today’s noisy world.  Good decision-making is complicated by the 24 hour news cycle and deluge of unsolicited, and often poor, investment advice.  The solution is a written investment policy statement (IPS).  An effective IPS defines your goals, risk tolerance, and targets for each investment.  Rebalancing amongst the investments, based on IPS targets, leads us to naturally take gains from top performers and redistribute gains around the portfolio.  In other words, it encourages us to sell high and buy low.  A good IPS helps you filter out noise and preserve a sound decision-making process.

Read more about investment policies and rebalancing (pdf).

Long-term Relationships

We know that a successful long-term relationship between you and North Ridge starts with honest, open, and effective communication.  Working together, as a team, we will understand you goals and jointly develop a plan to reach them.

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